Birth rituals

For the mother and her baby

Rituals and festivals provide an important framework for special events in life consciously perceive to respect and share. In particular, the milestones in a person's life like birth. They make us aware that something new is ahead of us and that there is no turning back. They reconcile us by crossing this threshold and give us confidence. Some have more or less been forgotten and want to turn on the light again and be held and celebrated.

Natural Ultrasound - Technik von Naoli Vinaver

Natural Ultrasound

This technique provides an anatomically accurate representation of the baby's size and position while promoting an emotional connection between the parents, the unborn child, and older siblings.

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Herzfaden nach Brigitte Meissner

Heart thread

The imagination exercise of the pink heart thread strengthens the connection between mother and child already during pregnancy, childbirth and afterwards in the period of "separation" such as after a caesarean section.

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Blessing way

A blessingway is a time when the mother-to-be can gather with the women next to her near the end of her pregnancy and evoke positive energy for her upcoming birth experience.

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Closing the Bones "La Cerrada"

"Cerrada", also Rebozo Cerrada, or "Manteo" is an ancient traditional care for women before and especially after childbirth. It gives strength and new energy and supports the healing process in the puerperium.

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Placenta rituals

Placenta is a miraculous organ. It is the connection between mother and child. She is the anchor and our bond with the family and the world. We regain this trust through rituals.

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Baby bonding bath

It is a healing bath of attachment, with which many burdens of babies (through difficult birth experiences or early separations) can be absorbed. The woman also finds it just as comforting.

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