How are meetings with a doula going?

The introductory meeting is free and takes about 1 hour.

I introduce myself to you briefly, as well as


  • how and when I can support you

  • Information about my services and prices

  • my focus

  • my advanced training courses that I completed and my additional services

  • how to organize the 2-3 meetings before and 2-3 meetings after the birth

  • the association Doulas in Germany and my insurance


It is important to be kind to each other!

As your doula, you / you get to know me during pregnancy.

There are usually 2-3 get-to-know meetings with:


  • Conversation about your wishes and ideas

  • Information on the course or procedure

  • Rebozo relaxation massage

  • Pregnant women wellness massage

  • possible birth positions with and without rebozo

  • Affirmations and relaxation techniques

  • tinker a power item

My on-call duty usually starts 10-14 days before the calculated due date and lasts 10-14 days afterwards.


I only look after 1 woman during this time. When the birth begins, I will go to you as soon as possible, as soon as you want me by your side.


Doulas are not allowed to travel during on-call duty, are always available and mobile, and are not allowed to drink alcohol. In the event that I or my child falls ill (e.g. chickenpox, etc.), there is a back-up doula who steps in.

I will accompany you to the birth in the clinic, in the birth center and during a home birth.

I accompany you continuously during your birth journey.


I stand by you and your partner with:

  • Suggestions and assistance

  • Rebozo massage

  • Wellness massage

  • ensures a relaxed and protected atmosphere


Your wishes and your birth plan are my top priority.

With a planned or spontaneous caesarean birth, I will accompany you as you need it.


Even in the preliminary talks I agree:

  • the course of a caesarean birth

  • helpful relaxation techniques

  • I recommend paying attention to loving details that could make it a special birth for you

  • I also talk about the peculiarities of the puerperium after a caesarean birth

  • Provide information on follow-up options

In the puerperium, I come to the debrief a few days later. It is often important to talk about the birth and any questions you may have. But I am also happy to come more often, as you / you agreed.


In the puerperium I offer:

  • Rebozo massage

  • Rebozo ritual to complete the puerperium

  • Women's wellness massage

  • small support in the household


in addition to the services of your aftercare midwife.

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