For some parents, their desire to have children unexpectedly ends with a painful loss. Babies who die before, during or shortly after birth are called star children.


I support you where it is important to you and I withdraw where you want to go your own way.


From acute support in the hospital, at home by the midwife's side, to counseling and grief counseling.

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Have you just received a diagnosis from your gynecologist or in the hospital and need a consultation?

Your child has passed away and you need advice on what to do next?

Would you like to be accompanied in the hospital, at home or at the undertaker / burial?


From the 13th week of pregnancy, it is possible to have a midwife attend the birth at home.

In most cases there is no need to act under time pressure. This should be clarified by a doctor. As long as the amniotic sac is intact, you have the opportunity to make decisions and, if necessary, to Make planning.


Since 2013 it has been possible to have both star children and stillborn children entered in the family register at the registry office. This must be done within one day of the birth. If the birth took place in a clinic, this takes over the report to the registry office. For many parents it is important to give their child a name. A birth certificate is issued for this purpose. This formal recognition of existence can be very beneficial.



If you want to say goodbye to your child in a more personal place than the hospital, one speaks of so-called laying out. You are allowed to take your child home with you within the period of 36 hours after the birth (see burial law of the federal states).

An undertaker should be commissioned for this.


You can personalize your farewell and, if necessary, have it captured by a star photographer.

Even the smallest of memories will become a very valuable treasure for you and will support you on your path of mourning afterwards.

Hope's Angel offers you the opportunity to create lasting memories of your child through the free offer of star photography.


The CuddleCot is a mobile cooling system that can be easily used and operated by everyone. You can borrow this CuddleCot from us free of charge. Here you can request a CuddleCot about Hope's Angel.


Hope's Angel also offers a first aid package for affected parents. It includes clothes for your star child for each week of pregnancy, treasure chest for 3D prints and a comfort bag.


In the online shop you can, for example, order a nest for burial up to around the 24th week of pregnancy - in various designs.



  It is also advisable to consult a midwife after the birth. Of course, you can let the milk flow dry up or treat it with medication. Some places offer postnatal training courses for orphaned mothers. You can take an online regression course through Hope's Angel.

Regardless of whether a small birth (miscarriage) or breastfeeding (stillbirth), the grief is the same, the timing makes no difference. There are many ways to grieve and how to deal with it personally. In many places there are grief counselors, psychological help and self-help groups for affected parents. In Erlangen you can contact the Hospiz Verein Erlangen eV.

After a stillbirth (for children over 500g) you are entitled to maternity leave .

"Quietly, quietly and quietly, a narrow room went on the journey at night.

Climbed the steps to heaven, left the path of the résumé. "

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