" Healing does not mean that the damage never existed, it means that it no longer controls your life "

                    Akshay Dubey

Experienced trauma or sexual violence

Earlier traumas on the physical or psychological level or sexual violence experienced in childhood or adolescence often affect the course of pregnancy and childbirth.


The accompaniment of a doula often gives the woman giving birth more security and ensures that she feels comfortable.


1: 1 support is essential for those affected by trauma.

It is my heart's concern to accompany women who have experienced trauma or survivors of sexualised violence as doulas so that retraumatisation can be prevented. I was trained by Penny Simkin, PT and Phyllis Klaus, CSW, MFT at the Simkin Center at Bastyr University, Kennmore, Seattle in Washington.

My offer:

As a consultant and doula, I know how to deal with very sensitive issues and treat them with confidence.

In a conversation we will clarify your concerns and what kind of support is possible for you.

I would be happy to show you self-help techniques that can help you prepare for the upcoming birth. Together we will look at other methods that make it easier to deal with examinations and clinical procedures and for which you can prepare yourself in a targeted manner.


If you want me to be by your side during the birth, I'll be by your side as a doula.

Especially if you are planning a home birth or birth in the birth center, there is always the likelihood that it would have to be transferred to the hospital. During this change of location , I can be extremely useful as a doula, as I can continue to accompany you in the hospital, unlike your midwife.


Are you in childbed or is the birth of your child further back and you wish you had an "inner" conclusion ? I offer regular healing circles for women, to which I would like to cordially invite you. We are also happy to arrange a personal meeting.


If your concerns exceed my competencies as a consultant and doula, I will help you to find a therapist.


Consultation can take place on site or online (Skype, telephone). More information


In urgent cases, such as pregnancy or childbed, I also offer mobile services so that bed rest does not have to be interrupted.

Supporting offer:

Babyheilbad und Heilgespräch nach Brigitte Meissner

Baby bonding bath and healing talk

The baby bonding bath brings about the possibility of healing on an emotional level after a stressful or traumatic birth. The mother-child bond can heal and is supported.

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Frauenheilkreis nach der Geburt

Women's circle

In a protected setting of the healing circle, it is possible to come to rest and to return to the moments of birth with a mindful presence.

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Beratung und Psychotherapie


I will accompany you to recognize the situation and what should be done or not done. I would be happy to inform you about my counseling and therapy offers in a personal conversation.

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Client voices:

“Da ich einen Hintergrund mit PTBS (Posttraumatische Belastungsstörung) habe, hat es mich sehr gestützt, dass ich die Doula Zuzana Laubmann an meiner Seite hatte. Gerade im Bezug auf meine Traumatisierungen gab es mir inneren Halt und mein Vertrauen in mich, meine Kräfte, um eine gesunde normale Geburt zu vollziehen. Zuzana Laubmann ist für die Arbeit mit PTBS-Betroffene gezielt ausgebildet und erarbeitete mit mir Strategien, die mir ganz viel Zuversicht gegeben haben. Sie war an meine Seite und hatte den Raum der Ruhe gehalten - so wie ich es mir vorgestellt hatte. Wenn die Hausgeburt in die Klinik verlegt werden müsste, hätte mir die Doula zur Verfügung gestanden. Ich danke Zuzana für ihre liebevolle Unterstützung und kann es nur jedem empfehlen, sich eine qualifizierte Doula in dieser speziellen Lebenssituation anzuvertrauen.“

Trauma Hilfe Zentrum Nürnberg eV offer an emergency telephone for traumatized people to talk to:

0911 990090-99

Our current availability:

Tuesday to Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

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