" Not only is the child born through the mother, but also the mother through the child"

                    Gertrud from Le For

Why does the woman need a doula?

In addition to the midwife, doulas ensure that the birth is safe and dignified. They accompany parents-to-be with births in clinics, birth centers and home births.


Doulas accompany the parturient through their continuous presence during the birth. Her concern is to carefully and lovingly accompany the woman giving birth on her way and to take care of her well-being. As a medical layperson, the doula does not judge the procedures of experts.


The doula is not a substitute for a midwife, it is a supplement with its own focus in its service for mothers and their partners. The cooperation between midwives and doulas is valued by both sides and the range of options for mothers and fathers around childbirth is expanded regionally.


Source: Doulas in Germany eV



  • 39% less medication 

  • 33% lower risk of being dissatisfied or of judging their birth experience negatively

  • Mothers suffer from postpartum depression much less often

  • 50% less chance of delivering by caesarean section

  • 41% lower risk for the use of suction cup and tongs

  • 25% shorter birth time

  • 28% less need for painkillers or anesthesia

  • Newborns are much less likely to have low APGAR values

  • Babies are more likely to be fully breastfed


These results come from the study " Continuous support for women during childbirth " (Continious Support, Hodnett, ED .; Gates, S .; Hofmeyr, GJ .; Sakala, C. 2003).

Advantages of continuous doula childbirth support:

"If the results achieved with a doula could be achieved with a drug or a new device, there would be tremendous demand for this innovation, but unfortunately the doula does not yet correspond to the medical doctrine."

John H. Kennell

Doulas ...



  • accompany the woman giving birth and do so continuously

  • see childbirth as a key experience in the life of the child and mother

  • ensure a protected birth environment

  • appreciate the course of each woman's birth and your feelings

  • support the woman giving birth to use her strength for and during the birth

  • use relaxation techniques

  • support the woman in labor to assume the best possible position during labor and to change it at any time as required

  • see contractions as a source of strength

  • support the fathers to find their role during childbirth in which they feel comfortable

  • respect the closeness and intimacy of the parents-to-be at birth

  • help the expectant parents to understand the birth process and to strive for an individual birth planning

  • call for the connection between child and mother before, during and after the birth

When is a doula recommended for you?

  • You are very young or from a different country / culture

  • You have your first child and don't know what to expect

  • You are planning to have a caesarean section

  • You are a single parent or your partner cannot come with you

  • You are afraid of childbirth and the pain

  • Your first pregnancy was complicated and the birth was traumatic for you or the child

  • You are expecting a silent birth

  • You have experienced physical or sexual violence

  • You want the siblings to be cared for during the birth

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