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Zuzana Laubmann - Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie, Doula Geburtsbegleitung Erlangen Nürnb

It's me

My name is Zuzana Laubman.  I am Educator, Sociologist, Non-medical Psychotherapist, Internal Family Systems Therapist, creative, nature-loving and curious. I love to read and to travel to distant countries with my partner and my daughter. 

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My way

My focus is on the body and the psyche - as they are naturally in balance. This includes numerous body-supporting approaches and techniques from my repertoire. Many of my clients have been confronted with medical trauma (interventions, operations), whiplash, accidents, their own birth or bonding traumas and already have a range of physical symptoms. The greatest gain in my work is to accompany clients in gradually regaining their ability to act and self-regulate their symptoms, overwhelming feelings and sensations.


In my work, I draw on my experience as a teacher and educator, my understanding of child development, my experience as a sociologist in qualitative research (Communication, Structure and Complexity Reduction in Cross-border Organizations), my expertise as a consultant for Internal Family Systems. As a doula, I have had many experiences with the medical system and its possibilities, as well as accompanying women who have experienced trauma or survivors of sexual violence. 


I now pass on my passion for new knowledge, new skills and connections as a lecturer, author, course leader and event organizer.  


2020 - 2023

Somatic Experiencing (SE) - a body-based approach to resolving traumatic stress.


Healing license according to Heilpraktiker law (GER) limited in the field of psychotherapy


Certified DiD-Doula (CD DiD), Doulas in Deutschland e.V. (DE)

2016 - 2019

Systemic Integral Coach, Harald Kriegbaum, Fürth (DE)


Master of Arts in Sociology and Education, Erlangen (DE)


Master's degree in elementary education, Plzen (CZE)

Somatic Experiencing

Here you can learn more about the technique Somatic Experiencing. You can also find stories of people and their personal healing journey.


DEU ---> 

EN --->

SOMATIC EXPERIENCING ist ein körperorientierter Ansatz zur Lösung von traumatischem Stress



Grief, joy and a return to the true self, Dr. Peter Levine with Ursula Funke-Kaiser (DE) 

Assistant training  for Somatic Experiencing Trainings, Szilvia Meggyesy (DE)

Advanced Applications of Polyvagal Theory, live webinar series with Deb Dana (DE)

Breaking the Cycle of Shame Workshop, Diane Poole Heller (US) 


Birth from the baby's perspective, Matthew Appleton  (CZE) 

Somatic work with children, Alle Duarte (BR) 

Trauma Informed Financial Wellbeing, Jane Monica Jones (AU) 

Peter Levine - Medicine, Trauma and Pain, 4-day workshop


Traditional Balinese Post Natal Care (Bengkung, Selendang), Jamu Spa School, Bali (IN)

Rebozo for Birth with Naoli Vinaver, (DEU) 

Challenging Birth with Naoli Vinaver, (CZE) 

Natural Ultrasound with Naoli Vinaver, (DEU, CZE) 

Sexual Trauma - Healing the Sacred Wound with Peter Levine and Diana Richardson, Zurich (CH) 


Trauma sensible Yoga, Dagmar Härle (CH) 

Traditional Maternal Care - Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum with Angelina Martinez Miranda, the traditional midwife from Mexico, (DEU)  

Rituals in a woman's life, Maya Massage and Rebozo with Angelina Martinez Miranda, Prague (CZE) 


Mindfully accompanying physical and emotional scars from pregnancy and birth with Brigitte Meissner, (CHE)

Traditional Malaysian pre- and postnatal care with Suzila Zaid, Prague (CZE) 

Approved “When Survivors Give Birth”-Trainer for 2-day workshop, Penny Simkin & Phillys Klaus (USA) 

Creating Visualizations for Birth and Beyond with Phyllis Klaus, PATTCH (USA)

Advanced training in trauma therapy, University Hospital Ulm (DE)

Symposium “Early trauma - late consequences” with Michaela Huber, (DE)  

Differential diagnosis for alternative practitioners for psychotherapy, Erlagen (DE)


When Survivors give Birth - Advanced Counseling & Educator Training, Seattle (USA)

Traditional Maternal Care - Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum with Angelina Martinez Miranda, Traditional Midwife from Mexico, Prague (CZE)  

Embodied Presence as a Heart-Centered Foundation for Healing, Bonnie Badenoch (CHE) 

Ratus Treatment course at Jamuspa School, Bali (IN)

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification & Vaginal Steam Herb Formulas at Steamychick, CA (USA) 

Rebozo & Closing the Bones with Dr. Rocio Alarcon from Equador, Praha (CZE) 

Working experience


Shadowing Assistant  (DE) and Assistant (USA) in Somatic Experiencing training

DONA International Summit Speaker - Birth and Postpartum Plans: Changing the Point of View


Foundation of own practice, Erlangen 

since 2022

Guest lecturer in doula trainings (Babycoachakademie, Ayurdoula Ausbildung von Steffi Workman, Gefährtinnen Akademie, Geburtsgefährtin, Postpartum Doula by  Stephanie Johne and Alexandra Jesch-Böhnhardt) 

since 2018

Counseling and Doula Birth Support, Erlangen (DE)

since 2018

Organization of training courses for professionals, (DE, CZE)


Marketing Communication and Marketing Management, Siemens AG (DE)

2013 - 2017

Assistant for various research projects, FAU Erlangen (DE)

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