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My psychotherapy, support and counseling are purely self-paying services.


If the costs are an insurmountable obstacle for you due to a financial emergency, please contact me.


For the therapeutic work, there is the possibility, after consultation,

  to be settled with private health insurance companies or supplementary insurance for non-medical practitioners.

For Somatic Experiencing there is an opportunity at Sexualized Violence Fund  (if you meet its criteria) an application for the continuation of therapy. 


talk therapy, systemic therapy, body-oriented trauma therapy, somatic experiencing and integration of birth experiences

90 € / hour

Fond Sexueller Missbrauch

Möglichkeit der Therapie-Kostenübernahme für Menschen, die sexualisierte Gewalt als Kinder oder Jugendliche im familiären Bereich oder in einer Institution (z.B. Kirche, Schule, Ferienfreizeit) erlitten haben. 

Doula Birth Support

Accompaniment can be billed for individual hours as well as in packages.  

In addition, I am also willing to agree on individual conditions, please contact me.

90€ / hour

€325 - €1,950

Lectures or technical papers

I offer various specialist lectures or workshops on the topics from der Obstetrics such as trauma-sensitive support, trauma-sensitive birth plan, when trauma-affected women give birth (when survivors give birth), preparation for caesarean birth, mother-child bath to integrate birth experiences, body and trauma, etc. 

I already have experience with technical articles, contact me if you would like to bring in an idea or suggestion for a topic. 

Contact me by email or phone if you are interested. 

Directions for home visits

There are additional travel costs for home visits. 

Basic rate €5 + €1/km

Cancellation policy

I ask that appointments be rescheduled or canceled at least 24 hours in advance. 

Appointments that are rescheduled or canceled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged at 50% of the cost. 

I have to charge 100% for appointments that have not been cancelled.

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