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Areas of expertise

Here you can find out more about my specialization and expertise. 


Self-efficacy and self-regulation are inseparable and desirable qualities in life.    

Experiences or events in the past can cause us to lose these valuable skills. Therapy is also a good choice, even if you are feeling well at the moment or if you have symptoms of distress. 

Somatic Experiencing®

Understanding the impact of trauma on our quality of life, health and body is one of the most important steps. In Somatic Experiencing (SE)® it is possible to work without content if, for example, a topic seems too stressful or events are not remembered. We focus on current feelings and body sensations. It is enough that the body remembers.

Pre- and post-operative support 

Medical interventions and operations are associated with physical and psychological changes. The patient's individual experience is often not the focus of treatment. It is possible to take a number of measures to not only reduce the anxiety and discomfort associated with an operation, but also to shorten the recovery time. 

Internal Family Systems

Systemic work enables us to visualize relationships, structures and interactions within the system in which we are integrated, e.g. family, partnership, work relationships. The influence of intergenerational and "old" family histories can be explored and renegotiated. It can also be combined with Somatic Experiencing. 

Integration of birth experiences

Birth is an intense experience that leaves its mark on us. The experience of birth remains stored as an unconscious or implicit memory in our cells and tissues and influences our nervous system and thus our psyche. Although birth is a relatively short experience, it is very intense and sometimes literally overwhelming. For this reason, the birth imprint acts like a mental and physical matrix that is activated during everyday events and steers us in one direction. For example, birth experiences can cause difficulties with decision making, lack of trust in relationships, problems with self-esteem, addictive behavior, problems with the pace of life, panic attacks, tantrums and difficulties with transitions.

My approach

The greatest gain in my work is helping clients to gradually regain their ability to act and self-regulate their symptoms, overwhelming feelings and sensations. When my clients learn to observe and understand their symptoms and reactions, they gain a new perspective and the "burden" also loses its uncanniness.


This also results in my choice of method, in which the client is in control of the process and learns to understand themselves and their body and to gain more and more for themselves. We always focus on the neutral and positive and offer the system several options in parallel to what is causing stress. More balance is achieved. 


The ability to work abstractly gives the therapeutic process more freedom and ease. 

Zuzana Laubmann - Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie und Doula, Autorin und Dozentin aus Erl
Get to know each other

Would you like to get to know my way of working and check that it suits you and your needs? You are welcome to arrange a 30-minute meeting.  

30 € / 30 min.

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