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Also perfect as a short wrap for babies to wear and as a long scarf/scarf.

It will e.g. Balancing and relaxing the pelvis, uterus and ligaments to give the baby more room for the optimal position for birth.

It is also used to relieve pain, work with the pressure waves of childbirth, relax and connect with the body and the baby, and create birthing space and privacy in the hospital.


A rebozo can also be used postpartum in the "Closing the Bones" ceremony to "close" the mother's body and the intestines and uterus to help return to the right places and carry babies.

Rebozo is an extension of loving hands.


Used by midwives in Mexico, these traditional 100% cotton Rebebos are handcrafted on a loom. They are specially made for tall people with a length of 2.70 m. 

Cotton is a warm and breathable material that gets softer the more you use it. It has beautiful hand woven floral embroidery going through the fabric all the way to the tails where it is combined with stripes.



♡ Made in Oaxaca, Mexico ♡



Length approx. 2.7 m (+ fringes)

Approximately 68 cm wide

fringes in the ends

Can be machine washed.


Washing instructions:


Wash at least once before use.


Preferably 40 degrees Celsius

Soft program / delicates

Mild soap

Dry in shade

Tie the fringes together to avoid tangling / Use a wash bag (or use a sock to protect)

No bleach, preferably no dryer


NOTE: Handwoven rebozos may contain knots, trains, or other indications of handwork. Slight changes in color or size may also occur due to different craftsmen's changing of thread lots and wrapping. At the end of the day, every Rebozo is unique.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: The Rebozo cloth is to be used only under professional guidance. You can request this from your midwife, doula, Trageberatung  or from me personally. The use of the cloth without the presence of a specialist or without professional instruction or recommendation is at your own risk. As a dealer, I assume no guarantee and no liability for this. 


Sales Tax Included |
  • ATTENTION! The delivery time here is approx. 4 weeks. It is an absolute one-off. 

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