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This chair is an original Indonesian Ratus Wangi chair. It is specially made for the Ratus application. Decorated with an ornament at the front, with a small door at the back through which you can place the Ratus herbs in the chair and add more. bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The upholstered surface makes sitting particularly comfortable. This also ensures cleaning after use. 


What material (wood) is the sauna made of?

coconut wood


How big is the steam chair?

33 cm length x 33 cm width x 36 cm_cc781905-5cde_bad5cf.he


How big is the hole in the sauna?

approx. 17 cm in diameter


The chair is handcrafted and shows signs of handwork. 

Ratus Wangi Chair

Sales Tax Included |
  • The chair is only available in a limited number. As a result, the delivery time can vary from one to four weeks. 

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