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This chair design was created with durability and functionality in mind. It assembles in seconds with no tools or hardware and disassembles just as quickly. 

The innovative groove-in-groove design is solid and proven to hold up to 300kg. 



What material (wood) is the sauna made of?

glued beech wood


We chose the glued wood because it is resistant and resilient when wet. The production is made of European wood. 


The surface is treated with a Kreidezeit base oil and hard oil. This makes the surface dirt- and water-repellent, according to DIN 53160 also saliva and sweat-resistant. There is also the option to purchase the chair without the surface treatment. 


For a long comfortable sitting, we also offer the option with upholstery. The upholstery consists of light synthetic leather and also allows thorough cleaning after use. 


How big is the chair?

38 cm length x 38 cm width x 40 cm height


How big is the hole in the sauna?



What is the weight limit for the sauna?

350 pounds



Yoni Moon Chair

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  • The chair is treated with a base oil and then hard oil. 

    The Hartöl  consists of 100% natural oils and resins and is solvent-free and therefore also VEGAN! And of course harmless to health. 

    See data sheet: Download technical data sheet


    Never use hot water for wiping, always only use lukewarm water, and always wipe with a damp cloth! It is best to use cotton cloths. Liquid dirt must be removed immediately! If necessary, you can support the cleaning sparingly with Marseille soap or Corfu soap. You can add carnauba wax emulsion -concentrate- to the cleaning water for care or to refresh the shine. 


    The surface must be re-oiled as soon as it is absorbent again, but at the latest when the wood shows the first gray spots. You can best recognize the absorbency when the floor becomes significantly darker when mopping with a damp cloth. To do this, process the hard oil once - as described above. 

    For this I recommend the hard oil from Kreidezeit - 100% natural. 


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