Zuzana Laubmann

Woman, mother, daughter and sister


My name is Zuzana Laubmann. I was born on March 8th, 1982 in the Czech Republic. After studying primary school education in Pilsen, I came to Erlangen in 2004 and studied sociology and education. I am a systemic consultant, doula and companion for women and mothers. I live in a happy partnership, have a little daughter and a little star.


When I became a mother, I discovered how important and powerful the support and fellowship of other women is. After my parental leave, I started my own business as a consultant and companion with traditional care and rituals.


I chose the path of the doula so that I can also accompany women during childbirth, especially women who have experienced trauma or survivors of sexual violence, so that retraumatisation can be prevented.

"I have learned that no state is an" absolute " one and that you can go new ways at any time, rediscover yourself and your environment and understand anew. This conceals new, fresh energy, healing and new perspectives."










2019 - 2016

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Carefully accompany physical and emotional scars from pregnancy and childbirth with Brigitte Meissner, (CH)

Traditional Malaysian pre- and postnatal care with Suzila Zaid, Prague (CZE)

Somatic Experiencing (SE) ® Beginner, Nuremberg (DE)

Approved "When Survivors Give Birth"-Trainer for 2-day workshop, Penny Simkin & Phillys Klaus (US) 

Somatic Experiencing (SE)® Beginner, Nürnberg (DE) 

7-day lecture series with Peter Levine on Somatic Experiencing - "The body bears the burden of trauma"

Somatic Experiencing (SE)® Intro, Nürnberg (DE) 

Approved "When Survivors Give Birth"-Trainer for 1-day workshop, Penny Simkin & Phillys Klaus (US) 

Creating Visualizations for Birth and Beyond with Phyllis Klaus, PATTCH (US)

Training in trauma therapy, Ulm University Hospital (DE)

Symposium "Early trauma - late consequences" with Michaela Huber, (DE)

Certified DiD-Doula (CD DiD), Doulas in Germany eV (DE)

Differential diagnosis for alternative practitioners for psychotherapy , Erlagen (DE)

Art of Birth, Naoli Vinaver (BR)

Training as "Naturopath for psychotherapy" (Non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy), (DE)

Active member of Motherhood eV (DE)

Member of the network "Hopes Angel", (DE)

Rebozo technique with Mirjam de Keijzer, Mühlhausen (DE)

When Survivors give Birth - Advanced Counseling & Educator Training, Seattle (US)

Active member of Mamaprotest Franken eV (DE)

Traditional maternal care - fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium with Angelina Martinez Miranda, the traditional midwife from Mexico, Prague (CZE)

Member of the association "Doulas in Germany" (DE)

Doula training, doula training Melanie Schöne, Mühlhausen (DE)

Embodied Presence as a Heartfelt Foundation of Healing, Bonnie Badenoch (CHE)

Ratus Treatment course at Jamuspa School, Bali (IN)

Visit Robin Lim's Clinic - Bumi Sehat, Bali (IN)

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification & Vaginal Steam Herb Formulas near Steamychick, CA (US)

Rebozo & Closing the Bones with Dr. Rocio Alarcon from Equador, Praha (CZE)

Gentle care in the puerperium, Anna Kohoutova, Havirov (CZE)

Rebozo course, Michaela Kalusova, Olomouc (CZE)

Systemic Integral Coach, Harald Kriegbaum, Fürth (DE)

Marketing Communication & Marketing Management, Siemens (DE)

Magister Artium in Sociology and Education, Erlangen (DE)

Magister in Primary Education, Plzen (CZE)

What will I have in front of me shortly?  


Qualifications for the issue of a "treatment" permit limited to psychotherapy, Erlangen (DE)

Seven secrets to your joifull Birth with Dominique Sakoilsky, Prague (CZE)

Somatic Experiencing (SE)® Intermediate, Nürnberg (DE) 

Zertifikat Angelina Martinez Miranda Rebozo
Zertifikat Mirjam de Keijzer Rebozo
Zertifikat Systemische Beratung Harald Kriegbaum
Jamu Spa Bali Certifkate Ratus Wangi Vagial Fogging
Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie Isolde RIchter
Certifikate postnatal care
Doulas in Deutschland Ausbildung Zertifikat
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Certifikate Steamy Chick Vaginal Steaming
Zertifikat Angelina Rocio Alarcon Manteada
Zertifikat Angelina Martinez Miranda Rebozo
Certificate Rebozo

I have great and wise teachers!

Penny Simkin, PT

Phyllis Klaus, MFT, LCSW

Angelina Martinez Miranda, Partera

Dr. Rocio Alarcon

Naoli Vinaver, Partera

Suzila Zaid

Harald Kriegbaum

Savina Tilmann

Keli Garza

Mirjam de Keijzer

& the nature, the mind and the body!

I firmly believe that we must look for a new way of working and making family and professional life more harmonious. This may open up new ways for women in particular to make room for their skills that differ from those of men. I offer you support and services related to the history of childbirth, life and nature. I believe in what I do and would like to pass it on to each of you who feel addressed by it. I am taking a step away from consumption, service and pressure to perform, permanent availability and fixed working hours. When I am there for you, I am only there for you. Otherwise only for me or for my family and friends.

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