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Bengkung Certificated Workshop With Spa Director Orni Yusniza Othman
Bengkung Certificated Workshop With Spa Director Orni Yusniza Othman

Date to be announced - 05-06/2022



Bengkung Certificated Workshop With Spa Director Orni Yusniza Othman

With Spa Director Orni Yusniza Othman from Tanamera Malaysia

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Zeit & Ort

Date to be announced - 05-06/2022

Nuremberg, Nurnberg, Germany

Über die Veranstaltung

Malaysian beauty treatments can be traced back over a thousand years and are heavily influenced by the local Malay, Arabic, Chinese, Indian, Javanese and many other cultures that have settled in Malaysia for generations.

Bengkung is a traditional Malaysian abdominal tying method practiced around the world. 

This technique will be taught in person by Spa Director Orni Yusniza Othman of Tanamera Spa, Malasia. 

Tanamera means "Red Earth" in the Malay language.  Tanamera combines traditional knowledge not only in  100% natural cosmetics, but also in professional training and further education for tradition-based wellness and spa applications._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

You can learn more about the Malaysian postpartum tradition in a short video by Tanamera here: 


Registration is non-binding until the date, place and price are announced. 

Duration: 2 days (subject to change - possibly 3 days) 

Price: to be announced 


1 DAY:

- Malaysian postnatal care - the concept 

- Bengkung - a traditional Malaysian lower third method and various Bengkung styles, handling and customization 

- the setting and how do I involve Bengkung in postpartum care

- Contraindications for use 

2 TAG: 

- Tested and certified by Tanamera Malaysia 

The workshop will be held in English.   Interpretation into German provided. 

Personal responsibility statement

I take part in the training or seminar organized by Zuzana Laubmann at my own responsibility and risk and assure that I do not suffer from any physical or mental illnesses that could endanger myself or others. I am personally responsible for everything that I do, receive, give and experience during an event and later pass it on to clients as a performer or practitioner, and I respect the legal framework of the work I do and am aware of what I do exercise or exercise may and can.

I am aware that no healing, therapeutic or medical activities and support are offered during the training. No "treatment contract" or similar will be concluded between me and Zuzana Laubmann.

I agree and willingly release the organizer and all other participants of the training from liability. I will not assert any claims for damages against the persons mentioned, as long as there is no intentional action.

Insurance against illness and accidents as well as taking out cancellation insurance for the entire training course is my responsibility.

With my registration I accept the declaration of personal responsibility.

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