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Die  Atmosphäre  bei den Workshops entsteht durch die  Vielfalt  der Menschen, die ein gemeinsames Interesse und ihre connect passion. My colleague Annemarie Lea, doula and birth photographer, and Markéta Hanáková, midwife and photographer, captured this special atmosphere in their pictures. I am very happy to share them with you here. 

Logo Market Hanakova Fotografin und Hebamme .png
Geburtsfotografie Annemarie Lea Frankfurt am Main Doula Geburtsbegleitung Zuzana Laubmann.

Interview with Naoli Vinaver, recorded for the project `Ať můžou`  in Lisek (CZE), June 2022. `Ať můžou` (Let them - Birth Matters) is a COMMUNITY OBSTETRICS SUPPORT project.

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