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Women's group for mothers after childbirth
Women's group for mothers after childbirth

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Women's group for mothers after childbirth

I support you in creating a new framework and new perspective for what you have experienced and in accepting your individual story.

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Date will be announced

Erlangen/location will be announced

Über die Veranstaltung

Women's circle for mothers after childbirth offers women the opportunity to find inner closure by sharing this special experience with other mothers. 

In the protected framework of the healing circle, it is possible to come to rest, to discover one's own resources and to look at what has been experienced from this point of view. 

In case you're wondering - will everyone tell their stories and awkwardly remind me of what happened? Can or do I want to go there?   Then my answer is: No! 

Telling your own birth story is not part of the focus of our meetings and is absolutely voluntary. That's why I made this circle themed with a focus on my own resource and the search for answers and understanding. 

We will deal with the following topics: 

1. Love - What role does love play for us? How can we get love to help us? 

2. Longing - what do you long for? What does your longing stand for? 

3. The Silence - What does the silence tell us when we listen to it? 

4. Understanding - What helps you to understand your story? 

5. Acceptance - Is there a way you can accept this story? What options do you have? 

Through these topics, I would like to support you and the circle in creating a new framework and possibly a new perspective for what you have experienced. 

Within the women's circle we will create a protected and secure space that is extremely important for exchange and other group processes. For this reason we work in a small group of max. 6-7 participants and meet on 5 evenings of 90 minutes each. 

If you are breastfeeding or wish to bring your baby with you, please provide an additional companion. 

Please bring warm socks or slippers. 

Cost per person: 125 euros 

Personal responsibility statement

I take part in the training or seminar organized by Zuzana Laubmann at my own responsibility and risk and assure that I do not suffer from any physical or mental illnesses that could endanger myself or others. I am personally responsible for everything that I do, receive, give and experience during an event and later pass it on to clients as a performer or practitioner, and I respect the legal framework of the work I do and am aware of what I do exercise or exercise may and can.

I am aware that no healing, therapeutic or medical activities and support are offered during the training. No "treatment contract" or similar will be concluded between me and Zuzana Laubmann.

I agree and willingly release the organizer and all other participants of the training from liability. I will not assert any claims for damages against the persons mentioned, as long as there is no intentional action.

Insurance against illness and accidents as well as taking out cancellation insurance for the entire training course is my responsibility.

With my registration I accept the declaration of personal responsibility.


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