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Pregnancy, birth and postpartum with Angelina Martinez Miranda 2023 in AUSTRIA!
Pregnancy, birth and postpartum with Angelina Martinez Miranda 2023 in AUSTRIA!

Expected 03/2023



Pregnancy, birth and postpartum with Angelina Martinez Miranda 2023 in AUSTRIA!

Angelina Martinez Miranda is a fourth generation traditional midwife and the master of the rebozo!

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Zeit & Ort

Expected 03/2023

Vienna, Neubaugasse 31 Staircase 2/inner courtyard, 1070 Vienna, Austria

Über die Veranstaltung

Angelina Martinez Miranda is a traditional midwife living and practicing in Cuenrnavaca, Morelos, Mexico. She is the Keeper of Midwifery Wisdom in the fourth generation of traditional midwives. At the age of seven she accompanied her grandmother as an "apprentice" to her first births and at the age of 13 became the mother of her first son.


Here is a short video about your last workshop: 


Together with Andrea Surek, midwifery student and doula colleague from Vienna, we invite Angelina Martinez Miranda to Austria. 

The workshop consists of 3 days. If you can only participate on one day, please tell me, that would also be possible in special cases. 



- heat and cold processes for fertility treatment - body work, massage, rebozo, cupping, herbs

- Work with the Rebozo - Opening massage

- Understand the physiological, emotional and spiritual processes of becoming pregnant

- Nutrition, medicinal herbs & home remedies

- perform and learn the traditional Mexican ritual for fertility.



- Understand birth as a physiological process in midwifery work. 

- The intimate relationship between mother and child before, during and after birth.

- Mexican mother care tradition, massages and other techniques 

- Birth as a dynamic process, assessing risks realistically, preventing complications during birth: when to wait and when to act to promote change

- working with the Rebozo - for relaxation, during labor, techniques to improve labor and: pelvic end position, non-progressive delivery, pelvic opening, prolonged active phase, placenta delivery, shoulder dystocia prevention and solutions, etc._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

- Lots of extraordinary birth stories!



- Prevention and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage

- Role of the family for the mother in childbirth

- Importance of mother/child relationship after birth

- Nutrition during pregnancy, childbirth and the first postpartum period

- the traditional Mexican ritual "La Cerrada" -  "Bone Closing"

- the placenta and its use after birth for mother and child



9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (including a 20-minute coffee break)

2:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. (including a 20-minute coffee break)

A hygiene concept is available. 

Location: Vienna


Midwives could have their training points/training times shown for this event. There are a total of 20.5 training units, which are shown by the confirmation of participation. 


The workshop will be held in Spanish with simultaneous translation into German.

Capacity: 32 seats (minimum 25)



The price for 3 days: probably 395 euros including VAT.

Deposit:200 euros


The deposit is to be paid within the first 7 days after the announcement of the exact date. The full amount then in the next 30 days.

Personal responsibility statement

I take part in the training or seminar organized by Zuzana Laubmann at my own responsibility and risk and assure that I do not suffer from any physical or mental illnesses that could endanger myself or others. I am personally responsible for everything that I do, receive, give and experience during an event and later pass it on to clients as a performer or practitioner, and I respect the legal framework of the work I do and am aware of what I do exercise or exercise may and can.

I am aware that no healing, therapeutic or medical activities and support are offered during the training. No "treatment contract" or similar will be concluded between me and Zuzana Laubmann.

I agree and willingly release the organizer and all other participants of the training from liability. I will not assert any claims for damages against the persons mentioned, as long as there is no intentional action.

Insurance against illness and accidents as well as taking out cancellation insurance for the entire training course is my responsibility.

With my registration I accept the declaration of personal responsibility.


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