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Ratus Wangi - A fragrant "intimate smoke bath"

The secret of female "beauty" from Indonesia.

Intimate hygiene is almost taboo in Europe. In many countries of Asia, Africa and America, the "intimate steam bath" is practiced - an important tool for self-sufficiency for every woman after the period, during pregnancy (from the 38th SW), in the puerperium and in the postmenopause. There is something very special in Indonesia! Ratus Wangi - an intimate smoking bath. In this procedure, the female intimate area is smoked using certain herbs and spices. I immediately fell in love with the fragrance!

The first dating goes approx. 700 years back to the Kingdom of Majapahit. Ratus was a ritual of the queens, princesses and nobles of the Javanese palace. As part of the ritual for aspiring bride, Ratus was prepared to give the bride "freshness" and pleasant smell of the intimate parts.

The Ratus Wangi intimate smoking procedure is similar to the popular intimate steam bath or vaginal steaming, the herbs smell exotic and soothing.
Ratus Wangi is a wonderful intimate incense method from Indonesia, procedure of the queens and princesses of Jawa before their wedding.

Strange as the practice may sound, you can actually find it anywhere in the world. In Korea it is known as Chai-Yok, in the ancient Maya it was known as Bajos and in North America, where it was recently known by the famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow, it is called "low steam" or "Venus smoke". The procedure begins with a "Cawikan" - a special herbal bath to wash off and clean yourself before smoking. It is traditionally prepared from Kayu Rapat (betel leaves) and tumeric (turmeric). The leaves are drawn in boiled water for approx. 5 minutes and unfold a great aroma. With this broth, the intimate area is washed off before smoking. Meanwhile, the "smoke mixture" can be prepared. For this, a "Tungku Ratus", a ceramic plug, is needed. The herbal and spice mixture forms an intense and beautiful aroma. It usually consists of pepper lime, sandalwood, betel pepper and pandan palm or betel leaves, roses and patschouli. There are a lot of different mixtures on the Asian market, but I stayed with one that does not burn unnecessarily and releases a unique fragrance when smoking.

Intimate incense is an exotically scented and soothing procedure for women during rituals or ceremonies.
Kursi Ratus is a specially designed and comfortable chair.

The smoke mixture is smoked in the Tungku Ratus and waited until the embers and thus also the heat rise sufficiently. A lot of skill and good quality of the herbal mixture is extremely important here. Otherwise, it can happen that no one will enjoy the smell wide and wide. I already have all this behind me. At best, a fabulous smell spreads through the room you immediately fall in love with within a few minutes. After the cleaning procedure, the woman wears a suitable "sarong" (hang), which ensures that the mild smoke and heat remain where desired.

On the picture you can see a young woman enjoying her Ratus Wangi procedure.
Sarong is a traditional Indonesian garment.

The sarong is put over the chair and it is allowed to go. The heat rises high, the tension escapes from the scent of herbs and spices. Through the small door of the chair, it can be added as needed, as long as it is good. At the end of the procedure, "Linggihan" makes the last finish - for this, herbs are wrapped flat in a very thin fabric or paper and applied to the intimate area for 5-10 minutes. This brings the intimate area the last freshness. I tried Ratus Wangi several times on my trip through Bali. In the end, I was glad I didn't give up. I had many bad experiences with spas that did not have well-trained staff and high-quality products. Even if I didn't know right at the beginning what Ratus Wangi felt like, the unpleasant and burnt smell revealed to me that it was not yet the true Indonesian miracle. In the end, I found it in the Jamu Spa School and immediately fell in love with the scent and warmth, which is decidedly different from the intimate steam bath. I brought this piece of Indonesia home with me and make it my mission to bring this among you virgins, bachelorettes, young mothers and women in menopause.

When is Ratus Wangi recommended

  • Unpleasant smell

  • PMS

  • Fertility support

  • Unpleasant symptoms of menopause

  • Pelvic floor problems

  • Cosmetic effect on the skin

  • Emotional side - the acceptance of one's own femininity

  • Relaxation

  • Stress reduction, etc.

The advantages of Ratus Wangi:

  • Reduces discharge

  • Balances the moistur

  • Has an antiseptic effect

  • Improves the odor

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Relaxes the pelvic floo

  • Tightens the mucosa

  • Reduces itching and infections

  • Relaxation

  • Stress reduction, etc.

When is it not advisable to practice Ratus Wangi? What are the advantages of "Ratus Wangi"?

Significant contraindications: 1. Bleeding - menstrual bleeding, bleeding outside the cycle 2. Pregnancy 3. Active family planning - in this case, "never after ovulation or after sex" applies. Steam favors cleansing of the uterus and could prevent a planned pregnancy. 4. IUD 5. Burning itching 6. Persistent infections of the abdomen 7. Fever 8. Severe inflammation in the acute stage 9. Ovarian ligation as a form of contraception 10. Use of contraceptive subcutaneous implants (Nexplanon - Estonogestrel)

Last but not least - you will never forget the smell of the exotic spices of Ratus Wangi!

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